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ELF is supported by the London School of Economics Students' Union Malaysia Club

This year's theme is "Reaching Beyond. Redefining Within."


Pictures taken during ELF 2018 at Sunway University © 2018. LSESU Malaysia Club.

The Economic and Leadership Forum (ELF) is an annual event supported by the London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union Malaysia Club (LSESUMC) in Malaysia. ELF was established in 2014 by a few Malaysian students in London who felt that there was a low awareness among Malaysian youths on the importance and applicability of Economics. Hence, what started out as a one-off forum turned into a well-established event, currently on our 6th year running. Our past themes include discussions on brain drain, Fintech, Inequality and our national Oil and Gas industry.

We noticed that youths in Malaysia lack a platform where they can engage in intelligent discussion with leaders of the different sectors of industry in the country. Hence, we invite these highly-esteemed leaders to participate in our panel discussions and provide keynote speeches to allow us to interact with them through Q&A sessions, and shape our understanding with their experienced views on the role of Malaysia in the current global situation, both from an economic point of view and otherwise.


Our Vision and Mission of organizing ELF is to cultivate youths to have a passion and drive to engage with ideas and be an active participant in our society. We seek to achieve this by equipping Malaysians with relevant knowledge on the pertinent issues we face by tackling hot topics or growing issues of the year. We then invite hundreds of motivated, passionate young minds to be inspired with the ability to understand and help find solutions to issues the country might face.


Attending ELF promises you a platform to share your ideas with our revered panelists and speakers, to grow your horizons to the bigger picture, and to be moved to help use your knowledge to help our beloved Malaysia prosper and develop.


This year, we proudly present you ELF 2019: “Reaching Beyond. Redefining Within.” With the recent change of democratic power, we expect a change in different policies, including the foreign policies. Hence, we would like to focus on the bilateral relationships between Malaysia and East Asian countries in both a political and economic sense, especially at a time where the One Belt One Road Initiative and Look East Policy 2.0 are introduced. Another topic of interest in our forum would be the income, gender and racial inequality in Malaysia. With Wawasan 2020 in sight, we would like to explore how we can move forward as a nation by tackling these inequalities. We hope through these panel discussions, participants will be more well-informed of what the political and economic landscape may look like in the near future.

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